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Steel Warrior Pauldron


This Steel Warrior Pauldron is sectioned into 6 parts. Each section is riveted to the next and has soft leather. The sections flex smoothly and naturally to allow full range of motion. Each section overlaps the last so the entire armor pauldron protects 100% coverage. A special guard is featured at the top to protect the neck and head from the sides. Thick leather straps allow secure fitment.

Overall Length: 17 Inches
Width: 12 Inches

Simple Pauldrons SCA LARP


This pauldrons are small but they provide effective protection for the upper arms. They can be easily attached to the chain armor or to the the gambeson. Small dimensions and low weight increase the hand mobility. Pauldrons are collected using leather strips.

Medieval Pauldron


Medieval style shoulder armour with separate lames. Fully articulated to move with the arm. Comes as a pair, complete with shoulder lacing and leather arm strap (non-leather option available). These can be worn without the need to fix them to a gorget or breastplate simply by lacing them together behind the neck and fixing the straps around the upper arm.



Gothic Pauldrons


The pauldrons feature an impressive and outstanding gothic style that uses one large, elegantly shaped shoulder plate to protect most of the shoulder, as well as three smaller lames that extend down to protect the arm. Attached to the front of the pauldron is a star-shaped protector, while the back of the pauldron features an elegant, swept design reminiscent of a wing.

Royal Adversary Pauldron


This handmade set is not only functional but completely intimidating. Pauldrons are made for the purpose of protecting a knight’s shoulders and upper arm but these pauldrons come with swordbreakers that protrude up from the top of the shoulder protecting the top pf shoulders and sides of the face and neck. These pauldrons consist of a single large dome-shaped piece to cover the shoulder with four lames attached to it to defend the arm and upper shoulder. To secure them on they come equipped with leather straps and steel buckles.

Total Length: 12.5 Inches
Total Width: 5.38-12 Inches
Total Height: 11.50 Inches


Medieval Spaulders Combat Pauldron



Shoulder Plates Giant Warrior



Medieval Dark Drake Pauldrons


The Dark Drake armour features a unique raised steel design, this armour fits just about any period for any character. The Dark Drake Pauldrons have a large shoulder plate and four smaller lames that protect the upper arm.

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