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Medieval Knee Cops Flared


Our pair of Knee Cops Flared are designed to protect the knee and can be worn alone, over chainmail, or with upper leg armor and greaves. Includes two cops with leather straps buckles and lined with canvas for comfort.


Medieval Knee Armor Type C

This is the Knee Armor Extended Deflectors 18 Gauge Steel. This is armor worn only over the knees and feature heavy duty adjustable black leather straps with one piece construction with leather padding riveted inside of the armor.


Width: 4.5″
Length: 8.75″
Material: 18 gauge steel


Medieval Knee Armor

Medieval Knee Armour



Avenger Medieval Knee Armour


The Avenger Medieval 18g Leg Plate Armor is constructed of 18g mild steel and riveted together to made one solid amazing piece. The Greaves protect the lower legs whereas the poleyns protect the knees and the cuisses protect part of the lower thighs. Even thou constructed out of metal and rivets these pieces move with ease. Leather straps with steel buckles hold this set on and in place.


Description :

Overall Length: 21 Inches Each
Upper Thigh Length: 7.25 Inches
Lower Leg Length: 6.36 Inches

15th Century Archer Knee Armor


This set of 15th Century Medieval Poleyn armor or Archer Knee armor, is constructed from 18 gauge steel plates. The armor is buckled to leg with a set of adjustable buckles and leather straps. The armor is well-articulated and gives a good range of movement.


Overall Length: 15 inches


Medieval Knight Leg Knee Armor



Overall Length: 23 Inches

Width: 8 Inches

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