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14th Century Gothic Gorget


This impressive neck protector is modeled after a similar piece found in the Wallace Collection, a gathering of historical artifacts including arms and armor. This particular gorget is a stunning recreation with a swiveling plate for variable protection. The layered plating around the collar, neck, and jaw ensure that a warrior will not soon lose their head to anything but the strongest of blows. Curved edges and rivets provide reinforcement, as well as a small influence of gothic design that was prevalent in much 14th, 15th, and 16th century armour. The gorget is worn independently, using a series of leather straps and buckles that secure it around the neck.


King Gorget


Our King Gorget safeguarding your neck and upper chest. Crafted from 18-gauge mild steel, the gorget fits around the lower neck. It easily secures to a cuirass and other attachments via two adjustable buckle straps and two pairs of D-rings. The acid grey finish and a sculpted, raised accent on the front neck plate attract the eyes. Rolled edges and rivets increase the steel collars deflection capability.



Medieval Knights Templar Gorget


Templar armor is sought after for its functional design. The steel is 18 gauge thick and folded double over. The forged, contoured shape deflects impact away from the armorer. Trim edges around the armor increase the strength of the unit.This Templar Gorget fits all size adults. Leather straps are adjustable, soft, and comfortable. Functional and protects the neck area.

Medieval Renaissance Standing Collar Gorget


Our Medieval Standing Collar Gorget is ideal for protecting your neck and throat area during swordplay as well as your upper chest and back. Consisting of two separate plates connected by genuine leather straps, collar attachments are attached to the gorget with steel rivets while the plates are curved in order to deflect blows.

Steel Gorget


The Steel Gorget offers excellent protection to your neck with its sturdy construction. The steel gorget possesses a bright metal
finish that will go with many other pieces of our LARP armour. In particular, the neck armour is designed to combine easily with the Large Steel Spaulders . Consider pairing this metal gorget with a padded mantle or other arming wear for increased comfort.

Medieval Renaissance Gorget


Renaissance Gorget, is fantastic for SCA events as well as LARP battles and medieval fairs. The gorget has a strap and buckle on each side and also has a ring on each shoulder to attach pauldrons.
Renaissance gorgets were large pieces of armor extending down over the chest, protecting it and the heart.

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