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Medieval Elbow


Available in 18g

Medieval Armor Type B Elbow


This is the Medieval 18 Gauge Steel Type B Elbow Armor with Leather Lining. All joints in the body are critical areas that need protection. It  comes with iron buckles and leather straps to hold it against your elbow area.



Length: 4.75

Width: 5″

Material: 18 Gauge Mild Steel*


14th Century Elbow Cops


The first plate steel armour was made for the elbows and knees. Elbow cops already occurred in the early 14th century. These elbow cops are replicas of originals from this same period.


Medieval Rounded Steel Elbow Armor


Handcrafted from 18 gauge thick steel with a leather strap and buckle, this high quality piece of plate armor has been specifically designed to protect the elbows. The adjustable leather strap is used to attach the elbow cups around the arm to secure them. Also known as a cowter, the curved piece of metal is molded with rounded to assist in deflecting blows.


Overall Length: 8 Inches
Width: 6 Inches
Steel Gauge: 18G

Armour Archive 14th Cent Elbow

Medieval Elbow Plate Armor Type A


This is the 18 Gauge Polished Steel Elbow Armor Type A Large LARP Cosplay. For extra arm and elbow protection, nothing beats a single piece of forged steel plate armor.

Length: 8.75″

Width: 7.25″

Material: 18 Gauge Steel


Medieval Elbow Armor


Early medieval design with round-shape separated side leaf, great dishing. This armor is good for SCA combat as cops are deep enough to protect both sides of your elbows. Cops optionally may have holed to be strapped to padded pants or leather strap with clasp or both options togather.


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