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Breast Plate King


This is the Large 18 Gauge Carbon Steel King Breast Plate Front Chest Plate Cosplay LARP. The front of the chest plate features
minor fluting and a raised cross design. This piece includes only the front chest plate and is worn with included adjustable genuine leather straps in an X pattern along the back.

Size : 54 cm (M), 60 cm (L), 66 cm

Lorica Segmentata

Muscle Cuirass


Size : 54 cm (M), 60 cm (L), 66 cm

Medieval Italian Globose Breast Plate


This is a strong and sturdy cuirass. Supported by good quality leather straps at the back, this one is quite easy and light to be worn. This item has a V shape design in the front.

Size : 54 cm (M), 60 cm (L), 66 cm

European Breastplate


The European Breastplate is one of the most essential parts of a suit of armor. It protects most of the bodies vital organs. In fact, breastplates are so important, they were used all the way into World War I. The leather straps feature buckles for adjustability.

Size : 54 cm (M), 60 cm (L), 66 cm

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